Improve Your Grammar Instantly: Using Grammarly To Prepare for Test Day and Beyond

In the spirit of full disclosure, I am a Grammarly affiliate, which means that I may receive a commission if you decide to purchase anything from Grammarly using my link. I recommend Grammarly because I use their services myself, and I regard their product highly.

Posting on Facebook.  Updating Twitter.  Emailing your professor or boss.  We write so much every day that we often don't even realize it...until we start thinking about if every day should be one word or two words.  Did you send that email using the wrong form of there/their/they're or misspell tries as trys in the presentation that you just made in front of the class?  When we make grammar mistakes, we can look unprofessional, but for so many people, grammar is just tough.  There are many rules to learn, and English grammar rules have tons of exceptions.  You can't master English grammar overnight, but you can prevent many of those red ink marks before submitting your paper to your professor.  


Use Grammarly.

Grammarly is a plug-in that can be added directly to your web browser (like Google Chrome or Safari).  That means when you are typing in your web browser (like when you are composing an email), Grammarly can read and check for over 200 different grammar errors.   It can integrate with Microsoft word if that is your preferred word document composing tool.  In other words, Grammarly can check many different types of written language for many common mistakes.

You might be thinking about the built-in tools in programs like Word that you've used in the past.  Even after fixing those errors, you may still have had your professor return your paper will many corrections.  Grammarly is far more powerful and understands the context of the words better than other similar spelling/error detection.  Grammarly doesn't just check that a word is spelled correctly;  it makes sure that you have selected the right word, too.  


But it isn't just because Grammarly is more thorough that I prefer it.  Grammarly is also a good teacher.  Any time that Grammarly believes it has detected an error, it not only alerts you to the error and its suggestion but it also tells you what the error is and explains the rule.  Each time the software makes a suggestion, it gives you the option to expand the card to read why.  I love this aspect of the software.  In this way, Grammarly is preventing you from making mistakes now and in the future. If you start to notice a pattern, such as a constant issue with commas, you can review the rules for commas and sentence structure.  Just like a teacher or a tutor would, Grammarly is essentially telling you what area of English grammar to focus on.  Because grammar is such a big topic, this side benefit is hugely advantageous.  That is why I wasn't surprised at all to learn that 85% of their users feel they are now stronger writers and nearly 99% reported improved writing grades.  

Grammarly actually grades your writing in real-time using a scale out of 100 that can be found in the bottom right-hand corner next to the number of critical and advanced issues detected in the document.  If you click on the score, you can access a detailed breakdown of your writing.  This feature can serve students and teachers alike.  The number itself is great motivation to spend additional time making revisions to increase your score while the easy-to-implement recommendations can be incorporated with a quick click of a button to make the change. This editing tool can suggest vocabulary words that will enhance your essay or make stylistic recommendations. 

Whether you are an English language learner or consider yourself an English expert, Grammarly has something special to offer.  For those who want an extra set of eyes to look over work before hitting publish or submit, sign up for a forever-free Grammarly account.  If you think you need additional support or want to access the more advanced features, take advantage of Grammarly Premium's extremely affordable monthly subscription plan.  At less than $12 per month for unlimited proofreading, editing, and plagiarism detection, Grammarly is far cheaper than a tutor and frequently far more thorough.  Take your writing to the next level with Grammarly.

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