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TOEFL Essay Practice Pack

Getting to your goal score is all about making sure you get the right practice.  You know the strategies, you have the skills, but you just want to do some more practice problems before test day.  Have you run out of all the writing questions in your book?  Good independent essay topics are hard to come by, and there never seems to be enough integrated essay prompts to practice with.  Get 10 new integrated essay questions and 15 new independent essay questions in this practice pack.  Though typically priced at $25.00, pre-order now for just $15.00


12 Month TOEFL Planner

Do you think you'd be more productive if someone told you exactly what to study?  Would you be an even better student if you had essay questions and vocabulary words that connected back to the time of year so that you could actually use the new words in your everyday life?  Do you understand how important it is to stay organized and keep track of all your goals and progress in one place?

This planner was designed for you.

Look forward to your TOEFL practice for the day with this modern planner.  With over 100 practice questions and 100+ new, academic vocabulary words, you will have enough to keep you busy without ever getting overwhelmed.


Online course: Obsessed with the Independent Essay

Get the self-paced, fully online complete guide to the TOEFL independent essay.  Check out the video below to see what is included in the course that walks you through everything you need to know to write the TOEFL indepdenent esssay. 

Not sure if the course is right for you?  Click here to learn more.

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